Sammy doesn’t just consume —
he savors the flavor and eats for his health.
Food keeps him going on the trail and it brings him closer to his family at home. His diet is a key to his happiness, and it’s one he shares with his family. The all-natural dog and cat foods that carry his name provide the daily nutrition that pets need — not just to live, but to thrive.

Read how the simple act of a girl sharing a treat with her puppy grew into Sammy Snacks.

Yummy Treats

How about a cranberry or peanut butter snack? Everyday, we bake Sammy Snacks using all-natural ingredients that you can share with your four-legged friends. Plus, all of our treats are gluten free.

Holistic Pet Foods

It’s not what’s on the bag, it’s what’s inside. We pack our simple bags with an all-natural, holistic pet food for dogs and cats. All ingredients are marked human grade and carefully combined for the highest digestibility — 91%, in fact — and the best nutrition. None of our products contain corn, wheat or soy.  And we have never had a recall.

Holistic |  All Natural |  By-product Free |  Chemical Free |  No Fillers |  Premium Ingredients